About Us

SABBYA is a first-of-its-kind destination in Montreal for those who seeking to be, look, and feel their best – guiding you towards pioneering medical aesthetics, spa, and lifestyle experiences. We offer non-invasive procedures, body treatments, and thoughtful luxuries blending state-of-the technologies with ancient wisdoms.

SABBYA is here to support your journey to self-betterment, with expertise across advanced skin rejuvenation, clinical treatments, cosmetic injectables, body sculpting, results-oriented facials, and transformative wellness experiences that restore balance and beauty.

Who you are and how you feel is much more than skin deep. We help bring that inner beauty out — (re)connecting with your true self, brightening your intrinsic glow, and working in collaboration with your natural features.

‘Instead of resisting the passage of time, how can we celebrate every moment?’

How we work

We support every client on the journey to beauty and self-betterment by seamlessly harmonizing cutting-edge technology, clinical practices, and a compassionate attitude in a first-of-its-kind facility. We create medical aesthetics and wellness experiences that are as enjoyable as they are effective — in an effortless, escapist atmosphere.

SABBYA interior
intérieur SABBYA

The journey begins here

Restoration, regeneration, and research are core to our results. We pride ourselves on achieving outcomes that are as natural as they are enviable.

We rigorously study, test, and compare leading products and medical aesthetics technologies to deliver only the best, safest, and most effective treatments. Each procedure has been consciously chosen to address specific needs, concerns, and results.

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