Volume and Structure

We can guide you towards the latest technologies for restoring facial volume and reshaping structure, giving you a fuller, smoother, and more youthful appearance.


Restoration, regeneration, and research are core to our results. We pride ourselves on achieving outcomes that are as natural as they are enviable. 

We rigorously study, test, and compare leading products and medical aesthetics technologies to deliver only the best, safest, and most effective treatments. Each procedure has been consciously chosen to address specific needs, concerns, and results.

Dermal fillers at SABBYA

Dermal fillers

Consultation required

Restore a youthful plumpness, softness, and smoothness to your face with dermal fillers at SABBYA in Montreal. A non-surgical way to replenish lost volume, these injectables can reduce the appearance of wrinkles, lines, and scars. The fillers we use are hyaluronic acid based, a substance that is naturally present in our skin.

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