Thermal Circuit

spa expérience thermale montréal

Escape modern life with the timeless restorative powers of SABBYA’s full Thermal Circuit. Hot springs have been enjoyed for at least 2,000 years in Japan (onsen) and Greece, recognised for their therapeutic properties. 

Feel recharged and relaxed in our urban oasis, thoughtfully combining these ancient wisdoms with state-of-the-art design to promote detoxification, balance, and relaxation. Added benefits include improved sleep quality, reduced muscle and joint pain, decreased inflammation, increased skin hydration, and beyond. 

For optimal results, we recommend doing a full body scrub before your Thermal Circuit experience*. It can then be followed by a massage or a body or facial treatment, particularly given how relaxed you will feel. Your skin and pores will also be more open, allowing them to absorb the powerful nourishing properties of our products.

An optimal Thermal Circuit includes a sequence of hot, cold, and relax. Heat stimulates circulation, the lymphatic system, and dilates pores to remove toxins from the body, while cold helps to contract blood vessels and pores. Rest allows your body to reap all the benefits, followed by further cycles of the Thermal Circuit as desired.

*Thermal Circuit is contraindicated before various treatments, and certain medical conditions may limit your ability to partake in the Thermal Circuit. Please ask our support team and if needed, consult your doctor before booking.

The SABBYA Thermal Circuit experience


Scrub Showers – Before beginning your Thermal Experience*, proceed directly to our Scrub Showers and perform a full body exfoliation with the complementary sea salt provided for this purpose.

*An optimal Thermal Circuit consists of HOT, COLD, RELAX and REPEAT in the various installations outlined here.

spa expérience thermale montréal


Steam Room – Sweat it out in 90 to 100 degrees Celsius in our steam room. The wet heat will open your pores and have your body releasing toxins.

Dry Sauna – Stay warm in 65 to 90 degrees Celsius in our sauna. The benefits of dry heat include detoxification, increased metabolism, increased blood circulation, pain reduction, improved cardiovascular function, improved immune function, and relaxation.

Jacuzzi – Soak in the hot waters of our Jacuzzi at around 40 degrees Celsius. The jets help reduce stress and muscle pain, while increasing cardiovascular health and improving sleep.


Cold Plunge – Immerse your warmed body in the cool waters of our plunge pool in 10 to12 degrees Celsius. Cold waters promote thermal shock, helping to improve circulation, contract pores and promote detoxification.

Experience Shower – Stimulate your senses with the alternating hot and cold waters, multiple jets and Chronotherapy (light therapy) in our experience shower. Wash away sweat and toxins, and seal in all the benefits for your skin and body.


Restore, recharge and hydrate while relaxing in our daybeds or Thermal lounge seating, whilst drinking lots of water, herbal teas, and Adaptogenic beverages from our Bar À Dapt


It is normal to feel a sense of deep relaxation and even fatigue following your thermal circuit experience. Additionally, you are likely to become thirsty and hungry. As such it is important to rest before beginning your next cycle and stay well hydrated* and nourished with power-packed beverages and bites from our Bar À Dapt.

*A water bottle refill station is always available within our thermal area.

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