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Bar à Dapt

A connection to each other. A disconnect from everyday stresses. A sense of being cared for.

Our Adaptogenic Therapeutic Bar ‘Bar à dapt’ fulfils our most human needs – restoring health and balance, from the inside out. Our conscious and concise menu is entirely vegan and caffeine free, blending the latest plant-powered science with ancient wisdoms. 

With roots in Chinese and Ayurvedic medicines, adaptogens are herbs and mushrooms that support our bodies’ ability to manage stress and (re)establish harmony – a state known as homeostasis. These natural antioxidants protect against external stressors by strengthening our internal systems, promoting vitality, stabilizing moods, and elevating performance, energy, and focus. 

Our plant-based ingredients are responsibly, traceably, and locally sourced when possible. They have been chosen for their bioactive qualities so that they can easily be absorbed into the body – having the most positive impact on how you feel, with the least negative impact on Mother Earth.


Take a moment. Take a breath. Take a sip.

Our custom recipes are infused with therapeutic and adaptogenic ingredients, helping to reduce the oxidative stress caused by our fast-paced everyday environment – the perfect pairing as you slow down with your experience at SABBYA. Detox. Recharge.


Enjoy hot or cold


Ingredients:Beetroot powder (superfood), astragalus tincture, ginger, cinnamon, fig syrup, himalayan salt, oat milk 

Benefits: Improved sleep, antioxidant, reduced stress


IngredientsDandelion root powder, lucuma powder, anise powder, licorice root tincture, vanilla syrup, cayenne pepper powder

Benefits: Detoxification, improved mood, reduced stress, improved digestion, pain relief, anti-inflammation, antibacterial and antiviral


Ingredients: Cacao butter, peppermint extract, ginseng tinctures, phycocyanin (blue algae), oat milk 

Benefits: Increased energy, reduced stress, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory


Enjoy with flat or sparkling alkaline water


Ingredients: Raspberry syrup, rose water, schisandra tinctures, lemon juice, water  

BenefitsReduced stress, regulated cortisol, improved sleep, anti-inflammatory


Ingredients: Turmeric powder, calamansi syrup, elderflower syrup, reishi tincture, water 

BenefitsImmune booster, fight fatigue, anti-inflammatory, anti-aging, promoting healthy skin


Ingredients: Apricot syrup, mint and chlorophyll syrup, holy basil tincture, chlorophyll, pinch of salt, water

BenefitsReduced anxiety, mineral restoration, hydration, antioxidant



Ingredients: Carrot, apple, ginger, lemon

Benefits: Anti-inflammatory, immune booster, bacterial fighter, improved blood circulation, improved digestion


Ingredients: Celery, lemon, wheatgrass powder, orange

Benefits: Nutrients absorption, reduced bloating, mineral restoration, detoxification, improved digestion



Citron moringa lemon adaptogenic tea

Tulsi hibiscus adaptogenic tea

Ashwagandha orange adaptogenic tea


Our light food menu is as simple as it is super-charged, infused with organic, vegan, gluten-free ingredients. Each pairs perfectly with our adaptogenic beverages, leaving your feel refuelled and restored – sparkling with flavours that delight, glowing with benefits that can be felt and seen.

Afrodite sweet bites

Aphrodite truffles: Rich in sweet and savoury flavours, discover mesquite and Reishi date caramels with smoked sea salt – dusted in dark cacao and raspberry. 

Pele mango squares: A tropical treat, flavours of mango and coconut are balanced with the nutritional powers of ashwagandha, curcuma, fermented ginger, black pepper, lucuma, lemon, and orange.

Sweet vitality bites

Shakti almond shortbreads: All of the joy of cheat day, with none of the guilt. Infused with the dynamic powers of Reishi and turkey tail mushrooms, our pistachio-sprinkled citrus shortbread bites are glazed with spirulina and matcha.

Mature Date: A perfect bite of sweet and savoury. A mature date is filled with organic tahini, coconut, sea salt, Reishi, and coated with Peruvian dark chocolate.

Savoury bites

Hera power-seed crisps: Satisfy those salty cravings with our Hera crisps, made from super-foods like golden flax, chia, sunflower seeds, pepitas, turkey tail, chaga, black and white sesame, poppy and hemp seeds, cayenne, curcuma, and sea salt. Serves three to four people per plate

Green goddess dip

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