Signature Glow

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Our Signature Glow is a complete facial that includes the gentlest level of chemical peel, which we designed for first-timers with mild skin imperfections or those looking for brighter, more radiant skin with no downtime.

SABBYA’ Signature Glow treatment is formulated with citric acid, fruit enzymes, and hyaluronic acid which help to minimize the appearance of discoloration, brighten, balance and revitalize, and hydrate and soothe the skin. Our Signature Glow treatment is customized to each guest and is designed to optimize specific desired results.

Signature Glow can be done alone or combined with other cosmetic procedures, and a series of several treatments is recommended for optimal outcomes. It is appropriate for all skin types.

Scale of invasiveness and intensity: non-invasive.

Consultation required

Procedure Details

What does it treat?

  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Sun damage
  • Mild scars
  • Acne
  • Age spots
  • Freckles
  • Dark patches
  • Skin blotchiness and tone
  • Enlarged pores
  • Hyperpigmentation

What is the procedure time?

  • 60 minutes

What are the recovery times and side effects?

Depending on the depth of your chemical peel and individual healing, recovery times can vary from one to two weeks

Redness can last for some time, even after the initial healing period

Treated skin will be red, dry, swollen and mildly irritated, with some patients experiencing a stinging


Due to the superficial nature of this peel, guests should not see visible peeling and there is no expected downtime.

For maximum results, the Signature Glow should be received in-series every two weeks or until desired results are achieved. Results are cumulative and optimal benefits are seen with a series of six or more peels.


See more dramatic, faster results with combined treatments – custom designed by SABBYA to address your specific needs and desired outcomes. Talk to our team today about potential cost savings when you book multiple procedures together.


Pain and discomfort are subjective. Experiences will vary.

1 Prior to the treatment

Before receiving a Signature Glow at SABBYA, your clinician will thoroughly cleanse and do a custom assessment of your skin to select the appropriate serums and boosters to be added. We will also take photographs of your face, protect your hair, and cover your eyes.


2 During the procedure

Your clinician will use a cotton-tipped applicator or gauze to apply 4 layers of the light chemical solution. After a few minutes, he/she will apply cool compresses to neutralize skin to soothe the treated area. You may feel a stinging sensation.


3 Post treatment

Following your chemical peel, the treated skin may be red and may sting slightly. Your clinician may apply a protective cream, to soothe and repair. 


4 Home post-care requirements?

Post care will be customized  based on custom concern and skin type.


* Pain and discomfort are subjective. Experiences will vary.

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