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Groupe 479

Complementary $25 dollar Gift Cards

Receive complementary $25 dollar Gift Cards with each purchase of Gift Cards valued at $150

  • The total of $150 can be made up of any combination of denominations. I.e. 3 x $50, 2 x $75, etc.
  • The total of $150 can be for self or another person
  • The $25 Gift Cards cannot be combined. I.e. If someone buys for $300, they would get 2 x $25 Gift Cards, and not 1 x $50, etc.
  • All purchases must be done in SABBYA - not valid for online gift cards.
Groupe 473

Complementary gift card for a massage, body treatment or pedicure

Receive a Gift Card for a complementary 50-Massage, Signature Body Exfoliation or Pedicure with the purchase of any advanced/medical aesthetics treatment series packages

  • This includes: HALO, BBL, Laser Hair Removal, Laser Vascular Treatment, Morpheus8, Beauty Booster or EvolveX
  • Gift card can be for self or another person
  • The Gift Card must be 'sold’ at the same time as the series package purchase and on the same invoice.
Groupe 474

Complementary Signature Glow Facial

Receive a Gift Card for a complementary Signature Glow Facial, with any completed Medical Injections appointments of $200 or more

  • This includes: Botox and Fillers.
  • Gift card can be for self or another person
  • The Gift Card must be ‘sold’ at the same time as the series package purchase, but on a separate invoice in SABBYA centre

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