How to Make Dark Spots Disappear?

While mostly harmless, pigmented spots, also known as age or sun spots, represent many beauty aficionados’ biggest skin concerns. They typically appear after prolonged or repeated sun exposure or during periods of hormonal imbalance (pregnancy mask).


What is a dark spot?

A dark spot, or hyperpigmentation, occurs when UV rays stimulate melanocytes, cells responsible for producing melanin. Melanin gives our skin a golden hue and that beautifully bronzed complexion after time spent basking in the sun. However, it’s important to remember that this biological reaction is actually the body’s defence mechanism against UV rays.

Excessive sun exposure can cause these colouring cells to become hyperactive, creating brownish spots of varying sizes on the epidermis. Pregnancy can also lead to a mask, or melasma, on the skin. For some, spots can make the skin appear less radiant, more tired and unhealthy.


Dark spot treatments and prevention

The first step for anyone looking to fade these spots is to incorporate sun protection into their daily routine to prevent the appearance of new hyperpigmented areas. We suggest an urban sun protection, with at least SPF 30. Opt for textures and finishes that complement your tastes and stimulate your senses.

As for eliminating spots, several of our advanced aesthetic treatments can bid farewell to these skin tone irregularities.


1.Fractional Halo® Laser



Reducing various signs of skin aging, the Fractional Laser uses light waves of different sizes to target multiple layers of the skin, triggering the healing and regeneration process. The result is smoother, more radiant skin and a unified complexion.


2. Nano Laser Peel



Laser peels use light energy to gently remove the upper layers of the skin at a depth greater than superficial chemical peels. The rays also stimulate skin repair and healing, leaving you with softer, revitalized, and radiant skin (thanks to collagen stimulation!). The Nano Laser Peel is the lightest of the laser skin resurfacing options and is performed without the need for numbing cream. In addition, the downtime is minimal. The sensation on the skin is often compared to a mild sunburn.


3. BBL Forever Young



Non-invasive, phototherapy relies on the effectiveness of light and its warmth to erase spots. Using a completely adjustable spectrum of light, Broad Band Light (BBL) phototherapy exclusively targets the pigment without altering the surrounding skin. Within days, the skin eliminates the pigment broken down by the targeted light. 

 This warming treatment is performed without the need for numbing cream and is often described as the feeling of a little elastic band snapping on the skin. Following the treatment, skin will be slightly flushed for a few hours before dissipating.


4. Signature Glow Facial



Our Signature Glow facial is exclusive to SABBYA and offers guests a comprehensive facial treatment using light enzymatic exfoliation with citric and hyaluronic acid. The goal is to reduce the appearance of spots and skin irregularities. This non-invasive, fully customized facial is suitable for all skin types and concerns.

 Emerge with radiant, smooth and glowy skin.

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