How to Kiss Acne Goodbye

Far from targeting only teenagers, acne often shows up beyond high schools. Indeed, 20% of adults frequently find themselves in front of their mirror, picking at imperfections on their skin. What’s to blame? Stress? Hormones? We explain everything!


What is acne?

At the epidermis level, each little hair is housed in a sebaceous gland that releases oil (sebum) to protect our skin. These glands can sometimes become overactive and secrete too much sebum. This oil then obstructs the skin pores and causes inflammation. The pore then becomes a lovely breeding ground for bacteria. Salut acne!!

The burning question is: What causes the imbalance and overproduction of sebum? While hormonal changes can be at the top of the list, we must also point the finger at environmental pollutants, stress, sun exposure, irritating products, etc. 


And the scars?

When treated inadequately, acne can leave textured scars, dark spots, lesions, and irregularities. These may appear even when blackheads, comedones, and pustules disappear. Although we all know that we should not pick at our pimples (sorry mom), relapses get even the best of us. Don’t panic; we have solutions to regain smooth and unified skin.



Imagine a beam of magical light targeting skin imperfections, leaving you with radiant and rejuvenated skin. The secret of HALO® lies in its unique combination of wavelengths, which work in tandem to target scars and hyperpigmentation. HALO® also addresses skin tone unevenness, enlarged pores, and other imperfections to offer you perfectly smooth and glowing skin. The HALO® hybrid fractional laser is the perfect blend of power and precision, targeting both the skin’s surface and deeper layers for spectacular results.


Morpheus 8

Say goodbye to acne scars with microneedling and radiofrequency. Morpheus8® combines the power of radiofrequency and microneedling to reach precise layers of your skin and release fractionated radiofrequency (RF) energy – prompting your body to kickstart the regeneration process by producing new collagen and elastin. The result? A revitalized dermis for visibly smoother, softer, and firmer skin. This quick and non-invasive treatment is perfect for erasing acne scars, fading stretch marks, reducing the appearance of enlarged pores, and overall improving skin texture. In addition to its action on scars, it also smooths fine lines and wrinkles, repairs sun damage, and reduces superficial skin pigmentation.


NanoLaser Peel™ laser peel

We love NanoLaser at SABBYA. With its erbium laser, this treatment gently removes the upper layers of the skin and activates its renewal process. Unlike chemical peels or microdermabrasion, this light resurfacing treatment evens complexion, reduces skin texture, and activates repair.


When it comes to maintaining a clear and zit-free complexion, here are some great in-clinic treatments;


Broad Band Light (BBL Forever Clear) – Phototherapy

Phototherapy uses pulsed light to treat many skin conditions. For active acne we offer the perfectly designed BBL Forever Clear treatment for acne-prone  skin to reduce acne-causing bacteria . And, for those who experience acne on the body (hello, bacne!), our BBL Forever Clear treatment is equally highly recommended!


Signature Glow

When it comes to acne, exfoliation becomes non-negotiable to unclog pores. For clients who want to experiment with chemical peels, we recommend Signature Glow, a treatment that can be personalized to everyone’s needs. It uses citric acid, enzymatic exfoliants, and hyaluronic acid to aid skin regeneration and hydration. We then get rid of dead cells and impurities lodged in the skin. Let’s say goodbye to scars, enlarged pores, and uneven texture.


Advanced Facial Treatment with BELA MD

BELA MD is a five-in-one star system! With a diamond tip, we perform microdermabrasion followed by a bio-infusion serum treatment targeting acne, hyperpigmentation, and hydration (yes, your skin can be dry AND acne-prone). The result? Skin is infused with antioxidants, radiant, unified, and smoother. The best part? Results are noticeable after just one treatment.


What about at-home skincare?

In addition to the medical-aesthetic procedures used by our team, you can maintain results at home while preventing future pimples and imperfections. A good routine combining sebum control and exfoliation is a golden ally to keep acne at bay.


We particularly appreciate the following medical-grade care from SkinCeuticals;

Hydrating Phyto-Corrective Gel with hyaluronic acid

LHA Cleansing Gel

Moisturizing cream with 0.3% retinol

Don’t forget that an SPF of 30+ is a must!

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