How to Adapt Your Skincare Routine for Winter?

How to Adapt Your Skincare Routine for Winter?

From your window, the landscape unfolds in a pristine white tableau, and gusts of wind sweep snow against the heavy trees. Winter has settled in, and amidst the beauty of nature, the cold season ushers in its share of changes. As we wrap ourselves in cozy sweaters, scarves, and woollen hats, our skin, too, begs for extra comfort and care. How do we tailor our skincare routine to winter’s embrace?


It’s all about texture.

The cold remains the primary factor causing an imbalance when winter settles in. As the mercury plummets, the ambient humidity also takes a dip, depriving our skin of its daily dose of natural hydration. Add to this your strolls and journeys in the harsh January wind and the heating that envelops our homes—your skin needs a little TLC!

When adapting to the cold season, the first instinct is to swap out lightweight lotions and gels for richer, more hydrating textures. In this regard, we set aside foaming cleansers and opt for milks, creams, and cleansing oils. Foaming gels, primarily targeting sebum removal, are better choices for the warmer seasons.

In winter, we seek to infuse nourishing ingredients into our routine. Face gels and lotions might not provide enough comfort. Your skin may feel tight, exhibit flaking, or even show signs of redness. We then turn to products with thicker, richer, and more nourishing textures. We also explore ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, plant oils, ceramides, and glycerin, which effectively seals in hydration.

Athletes should also opt for soothing and hydrating masks, perfect to be applied during downtime after hours spent traversing ski slopes. Beware! Winter also signals the need for sun protection. Snow reflects the sun and can cause considerable damage. Just because it’s cold doesn’t mean the sun takes a break! SPF 30+ people!


Defying Dry Skin

The skin dehydration that winter brings often manifests as small dry patches that dot the face and body. While we enjoy the snowflakes outside, these little patches can cause itching and create a dull appearance and complexion. The temptation may arise to remedy the problem by exfoliating the skin excessively. Although a peel or a good exfoliation routine is advisable, the proper method of cellular regeneration must be chosen carefully so as not to irritate an already fragile epidermis. Our team of experts can guide you on an optimal treatment during a private consultation.


From Head to Toe

Have you made changes to your skincare routine by choosing more enveloping and gentle products? Fantastic! It’s now time to show your body some love. You may notice that your hands, elbows, knees, and feet endure the harshness of the cold season. Consider adding a thermal circuit, a body scrub, a regenerative manicure , or nourishing  body wrap during your next visit. These small gestures restore your skin’s radiance, softness, and suppleness. Comfort and relaxation are guaranteed!


In the hands of professionals

Some skin conditions, such as rosacea, can be exacerbated during the colder months, thriving on climate change. Consider consulting our medical team to tailor a personalized action plan, perhaps with a BBL BroadBand Light treatment. This targets redness, dilated vessels, and even sun-related damage and is recommended during the winter months

For dehydrated skin, a Bela MD Advance Facial session will allow the skin to regain its suppleness and radiance, in addition to being deeply soothed.

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