We offer professional hair removal treatments tailored to your needs, helping you achieve smooth, hair-free skin with minimal discomfort. Whether you seek a long term solution or prefer traditional methods, we provide the highest standard of care and results.


Achieve the ultimate in skin smoothness with permanent laser hair removal. Using the Elite iQ™ high power system we offer the safest, and most effective procedure for eliminating unwanted hair on (almost!) any part of the body. 

With this best-in-class device using a high power, Elite iQ utilizes 2 types of lasers (i.e Alexandrite and Nd:Yag) to safely remove hair on all skin types and colors.  Using the patented Skintel melanin reader technology (the industry’s first FDA-cleared melanin reader) allows us to identify test spot settings, optimizing hair removal treatments tailored to your skin type, lifestyle, and ethnicity. 

Invasiveness level : Least invasive


1 - Most invasive : Requires the application of numbing cream and includes *downtime.

2 - Moderately invasive : May require the application of numbing cream and may include shorter *downtime.

3 - Least invasive : No preparation require and minimal downtime.

*Downtime is not standard and varies from patient to patient.

Price varies. Starting at 75$

*Consultation required

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