Collagen and Skin Aging

“Ouf! We’re not 20 anymore!” Have you ever heard your friends utter this after a night out? It’s true; our bodies are facing constant changes, and certain activities we use to enjoy might need a little more effort. Aging also graces our traits and faces with a few changes, such as fine lines and wrinkles. One of the culprits? Collagen, which starts packing its stuff up around the age of 25!


What is collagen?

Let’s go back to basics. Collagen is a protein made up of amino acids, found in our bones, muscles, tendons, and ligaments. A substantial amount of this complex is also present in all the tissues of our body, including our face skin! Nestled in the dermis, collagen provides structure to the skin. Some dermatologists and doctors often compare the skin to a mattress, where collagen represents the springs, giving the skin its shape, support, and elasticity.

Collagen is our best friend for skin that looks plump, juicy, and youthful. As the years add up, the fibroblasts responsible for collagen production become lazier, often slowed down by sun exposure (we can’t stress the importance of UV protection enough!), free radicals, cigarette smoke, and regular biological changes (hello, menopause!).


How to boost collagen?

While it’s not possible to completely halt the decline in our collagen levels, there are several clinical methods to kickstart its production and give our skin a little pep talk. Let’s get to work!


1. Microneedling and Radiofrequency with Morpheus8

This anti-aging treatment combines the powers of two highly effective technologies against scars, stretch marks, and lack of firmness. Totally safe, it uses microscopic needles through which radiofrequency is propelled into all layers of the skin. These radiofrequency waves heat the tissues, kick-starting the production of our beloved collagen, while the skin begins its process of repair and regeneration. The skin is deeply firmed and appears smoother.



2. HALO Fractional Laser

With a combination of various wavelengths, HALO is the one and only Hybrid fractional laser in the world. Its strength lies in targeting distinct layers of the skin, allowing a reboot of collagen production and resurfacing of the upper skin layer. The result? Bouncier, more radiant skin, bidding farewell to dark spots.



3. Vampire Facial or PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma)

Mesotherapy combined with the effectiveness of platelet-rich plasma can definitely give a boost to collagen protein production. By increasing the platelet count in our skin, we help cells function healthily, boosting skin oxygen, intercellular communication, and optimal production of complete and efficient collagen.


4. Broadband Light (BBL) – Phototherapy

The Forever Young BBL treatment is one of the team’s favorites. With bursts of light rays, phototherapy targets hyperpigmentation caused by sun damage, acne scars, and more. By treating pigment disorders, the skin also initiates its healing process, where collagen production plays a significant role. Although BBL requires multiple sessions for optimal results, the skin may appear healthier, more radiant, and bouncier after just one treatment.


Regardless of which collagen-boosting method catches your eye, our medical team will conduct a consultation to pinpoint the technologies that will deliver maximum results while fitting seamlessly into your lifestyle. We thrive at preserving your skin’s health and glowy bouncy look. Because who says skincare can’t be both effective and enjoyable?

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