Choose an Era of Selfcare – Embrace Seasonal Change at SABBYA

There is something decidedly inspiring when leaves turn red and the air grows crisp. Autumn, for many, is a true season of transition, bridging the fervour of summer and the softness of winter. Let us use autumn as an opportunity to invest in our well-being, attend to our skin’s health, and establish rituals of serenity.


How the Skin Reacts to Seasonal Changes

As the mercury drops, the ambient humidity diminishes as well, potentially leaving us with dry skin, desquamation, and dull complexion. After months of soaking in the sun’s warm embrace, our skin might exhibit signs of premature aging, weariness, or even a flare-up of acne. It’s essential to understand that while sun exposure might seem beneficial for acne, it merely postpones (and worsens) the issue. Sun exposure thickens the skin, trapping impurities underneath. With the arrival of autumn, the accumulation of sebum, dead cells, and other imperfections resurface, welcoming pimples and pigment spots.


Prepping for Autumn – Recommendations from Dr. Vézina

Under the leadership of Dr. Noémie Vézina, SABBYA’s approach to medical aesthetics places emphasis on effective and targeted treatments to enhance your beauty without concealing it. Through consultation, the SABBYA team will craft a personalized regimen to address your skincare concerns, whether for your face or body, that will achieve results.



A fusion of microneedling and radiofrequency, applied to anesthetized skin. In essence, the micro-needles create controlled skin injuries, signaling the skin to initiate a cellular regeneration cycle. This stimulates collagen and elastin, smoothing the skin texture and erasing pigment spots.


Microneedling and radio frequency treatment with Morpheus8 for a youthful, smoother and firmer appearance


Advanced Facial Care with BELA MD®

The Bela MD advanced facial treatment stands at the technology forefront, ensuring immediate results and optimal skin health. This facial reinvigorates the complexion by infusing the skin with potent antioxidants, soothing it, reducing signs of fatigue, and enhancing texture. The result? A calmer, more hydrated skin that radiates a youthful, healthier glow.


Signature Body Wrap

This exclusive treatment begins with an all-body exfoliation, eliminating dead cells and impurities. It’s followed by a nourishing body mask applied from the décolletage to the feet. The highlight? It comes with a neck or scalp massage – pure bliss! 


A Healthy Mind in a Healthy Body

At its heart, SABBYA is also a sanctuary to pause, reflect, and take stock of your holistic well-being without judgment. We believe in physical beauty, yes, but within an ecosystem of tranquility, serenity, and health.


Indulge in a nourishing beverage from Bar à Dapt, partake in the thermal circuit, and welcome the new season with open arms.

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