Bruxism (Teeth grinding)

Do you tend to grind and clench your jaw (bruxism)? If so, find relief from the pain and tooth damage  with our trusted solution. Bruxism, often referred to as teeth grinding, can be a painful and distressing condition, affecting both your dental health and overall well-being. But there's a remedy: Neuromodulators. Our Medical Director Dr. Noémie Vézina is specialized in using neuromodulators to restore a more natural, slimmer facial shape by reversing the effects of bruxism – the grinding and clenching of your teeth, enlarging your masseter muscle and leading to a square jawline.


Restoration, regeneration, and research are core to our results. We pride ourselves on achieving outcomes that are as natural as they are enviable.

We rigorously study, test, and compare leading products and medical aesthetics technologies to deliver only safest, and most effective treatments. Each procedure has been consciously chosen to address specific concerns, and results by our medical team, led by Dr Noémie Vézina.

Neuromodulateurs : Traitements au Botox et au Dysport pour améliorer l'apparence des rides

Neuromodulators – BOTOX® and Dysport®

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Relieve teeth grinding and clenching with neuromodulators, including BOTOX® and Dysport®. These injectable neurotoxin-based treatments are also the most effective way to improve the comfort of those with enlarged masseter muscle due to excessive teeth grinding and clenching.

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