EvolveX Body Tightening and Toning

EvolveX Body tightening and toning muscle and fat reduction at SABBYA

Shape and contour your body with a body contouring EvolveX treatment at SABBYA in Montreal. Experience the leading non-invasive, hands free, total body transformation – building muscle, tightening skin, and destroying fat. All the gain, without the pain. 

This cutting-edge technology offers the most versatility with zero downtime – able to remodel skin and correct laxity, reduce stubborn fat, sculpt abdomens, lift buttocks, tone hips, define arms, eliminate cellulite, and beyond.  The body contouring EvolveX treatment is an all-in-one system with multiple clinically proven technologies.

Every human body is shaped by a unique ratio of three elements: skin, muscle, and fat. EvolveX is the only technology to address all of them, helping to remodel skin, target adipose tissue (body fat), and tone muscles. For instance, it sculpts the abdomen and lifts the buttocks by building muscle and strength, while decreasing fat volume. 

The three types of EvolveX treatments include:

EvolveX Tite: Radio frequency

Tite’s eight applicators deploy bipolar Radio Frequency (RF) energy, delivering uniform consistent heating to the Fibroseptal Network (FSN) to remodel skin and subdermal tissue.

EvolveX Tone: Electrical muscle stimulation

Tone consists of four applicators that deliver Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) – inducing involuntary muscle contractions, getting you sculpted without hitting the gym.

EvolveX Transform: Radio frequency and electrical muscle stimulation

Transform includes six dual-modality applicators that provide two treatments in one – Radio Frequency (RF) energy for deep heating of skin and adipose tissue, plus Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) to sculpt and strengthen muscles.

Scale of invasiveness and intensity: No preparation and minimal downtime.

Consultation required

Procedure Details

What does EvolveX treat?

  • Abdomen 
  • Buttocks
  • Arms
  • Thighs
  • Fat (adipose tissue) and cellulite
  • Loose skin

What is the procedure time?

  • EvolveX – 30 minutes per treatment

What are the recovery times and side effects?

  • There are no recovery periods or downtime for EvolveX
  • Short-time side effects may include reddening, mild burning, temporary bruising and discolouration of the skin, and swelling


A difference in the treated area can be felt immediately after your first EvolveX session at SABBYA in Montreal, including more toned and strengthened muscles. Optimal results come two to four weeks after a series of four to six treatments, spread two to five days apart. Maintenance treatments will be advised on an individual basis, usually starting at about three months after your last session.



See more dramatic, faster results with combined treatments – custom designed by SABBYA to address your specific needs and desired outcomes. Talk to our team today about potential cost savings when you book multiple procedures together.


Pain and discomfort are subjective. Experiences will vary.

1. Consultation

Every patient starts with a complimentary consultation, during which your clinician will explain the procedure and set realistic expectations based on your desired outcomes.

2. Body assessment

On the day of your first treatment, your clinician will conduct a thorough body assessment – including photography and a composition report. You will need to remove your clothing and all metal jewelry.

3. Get comfortable

On a treatment table, you will be laid either face up (abdomen) or face down (buttocks).

4. Panels placed

The EvolveX panels will be placed on your dry, clean, bare skin and held in place by a strap.

5. Customized treatment

Your clinician will start the treatment at a low level to prepare your muscles. The intensity is increased in increments, according to your tolerance. It will never be painful.

6. Post treatment

Given there is no recovery period or downtime with EvolveX, you may immediately leave and go about your daily activities.


* Pain and discomfort are subjective. Experiences will vary.

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